1) Introduction - Where are you now?

Hi everyone, and welcome to the course!

After watching the video please download the Exercise and Reflective Questions below and spend some time working through them.

The results are for you alone, and are designed to help you push your understanding about yourself and what you could do next forwards.

They're formatted as pdfs, so either use pdf editing software to fill them in, print them off to fill in by hand, or use a notebook to write your answers down so you can come back to them later. Some of the exercises in future modules will direct you to online tools - again, record as much as you can so you can keep coming back to what you've learned.

Good luck with everything, if you've got any questions please feel free to get in touch at [email protected]


The Essential Career Change Course - Exercise 1.pdf
The Essential Career Change Course - Reflective Questions 1.pdf
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